About HerLeaf

Our mission at HerLeaf is to empower women to safely and intelligently add CBD to their wellness regimen. We seek to provide an online community that helps women select products, share experiences, ask questions and learn from each other. CBD is personal. Every woman is unique and her experience with CBD will differ in dose, need, desire, and results.

While the CBD market is booming, it is still difficult to navigate - filled with a smorgasbord of industry terms and a lack of consistent standards resulting in an overflow of products that simply aren’t what they claim. We don’t believe you should have to spend days researching and learning jargon just to find something that works for YOU.


Our top priority is safety - understanding where a product comes from, if it’s tested, and how it’s produced. We check for a certificate of analysis and dive into the history of each company. We take this so seriously we created an entire content series around our research for each product so you can read our research.


We are nerds. We like to understand how things work and want to share what we’ve learned. This means giving you the inside scoop and working with partners who are industry experts.


Your CBD experience is just that - yours. We recognize how personal wellness is and we want to be that friend you text to say wow! This really works.  

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