Sleep CBD Gummies


Plus Sleep CBD Gummies are a bit sized drops of dreams. Each sleep gummy has a combination of CBD, melatonin, calming blackberry and chamomile flavors. These tiny gummies are a delicious way to doze off and avoid the groggy feeling.

What's inside

  • 25 MG Hemp per gummy
  • 1 MG Melatonin
  • Kosher gelatin
  • Blackberry, chamomile flavors 
  • Lemon essential oil  
  • Sugar

    Why we like it

    • Precise serving 
    • Easy to transport
    • Absolutely delicious  

    Full ingredient list

    Glucose, sucrose, kosher gelatin, sorbitol, CBD isolate, citric acid, artificial flavoring, blackberry flavor, lemon essential oil, chamomile extract powder, artificial colors, melatonin